Anno Scolastico 11- 18 anni

livello A2 minimo
Corso con date di inizio fisse
Scuola media
Minimo 11 anni
Scuola superiore
Minimo 15 anni
Varie attività all'aperto
varie attività culturali

Questo programma offre un’immersione completa in una scuola media o in una scuola superiore francese nella città di Bayonne (a 10 minuti da Biarritz). Sistemazione in una pensione e / o in una famiglia ospitante.

High School program
11 - 18 years old

France Langue offers you a unique program, allowing students to follow their schooling in a French institution. A great way to immerse yourself in the French life and culture while continuing your French studies.

France Langue takes care of administrative procedures for enrolment in institutions and provides monthly monitoring with the student.

In addition, France Langue offers its services for accommodation and transfers.


The course takes place in Bayonne – historical and fortified town of 46,000 inhabitants located only 10 minutes from Biarritz and 30 minutes from Spain.

France Langue works with 3 renowned institutions among the best of the region.

Catholic Junior High School
La Salle Saint Bernard
Catholic High School
Catholic High School
Saint Louis Villa Pia
8th best regional junior high school
98% success rate
11th best regional high school
97% success rate
7th best regional high school
99% success rate

The student will be placed first in the Lycée Largenté then in the Saint-Louis Villa Pia establishment. We cannot guarantee any particular establishment.

Possibility to practice a sport near the establishments (Judo, Rugby, Tennis, Avrion, Surf etc…)

The 3 schools are located within 15 minutes by bus of each other. It is therefore very easy to move between schools and in the city of Bayonne.

The French school system

College education consists of four years: 6ème, 5ème, 4ème and 3ème grades and includes:

  • 23h of common teaching and 3h of further education for the first year (6ème)
  • 22h of common teaching and 4h of further education for the last 3 years (5ème, 4ème, 3ème)

College courses are structured in disciplines:

  • French
  • Mathematics
  • History Geography
  • Moral and civic education
  • Modern languages
  • Life and earth sciences
  • Chemistry, Physics
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Plastic arts
  • Music Education

Optional courses in languages (modern languages, dead languages, regional languages) are also possible depending on the school.

At the end of 3ème (last year in junior high school), an important stage of schooling awaits the student: the national diploma “Le Brevet” (Junior High School certificate). It is obtained with the points accumulated during the continuous examination and the end of the year exams.


Schooling in high school has three years: the 2nde, the 1ère, the Terminale. At the end of the Seconde (1st year in high school), which is general, common to all students, a choice must be made among the three series of the general courses that lead to the general baccalaureate, diploma essential and mandatory for the pursuit of higher education:

  • Literary series (L): in-depth studies of French and literature, modern languages and philosophy;
  • Economic and Social Series (ES): in-depth studies of economic and social sciences, mathematics and history-geography;
  • Scientific Series (S): in-depth studies of mathematics and experimental sciences.

The baccalaureate certifies knowledge and skills at the end of secondary education and constitutes the first degree in higher education. As such, it allows the pursuit of higher education.

In Seconde (= 2nde = first high school year) : about 28 hours of teaching / week.

The new high school programmes are ambitious. They consolidate the achievements of the college, ensure the transmission of solid subject content and contribute to the intellectual training of students.

  • Common literary, historical, humanist and scientific culture
  • Scientific disciplines
  • Civic training
  • Languages
  • Economic and social sciences
  • Digital
  • Proficiency in the language and development of oral skills,

In the first year in high school, a balance between the various learning times is searched: time of research, activity, manipulation; time of dialogue and exchange, verbalization, reasoning; experimental practice and modeling activity.

In Première (= 1ère = second high school year) : 26 to 28 hours of teaching / week

The Première classes of the three general series ES, L and S include:

  • Lessons common to all three series: general culture for understanding the modern world (French, languages 1 and 2, moral and civic education, sport)
  • specific lessons by series
  • Supervised Personal Work (TPE) evaluated at the baccalaureate level in the form of oral defense based on a theme chosen by the students during the year;
  • optional courses, two at the most: languages and cultures from Antiquity (Latin, Greek), language 3, arts or physical eduction.


In Terminale (= third high school year) : 27 to 30 hours of teaching / week

They consist of lessons common to all students in the same series:

  • Languages 1 and 2
  • Physical Education
  • Moral and civic education

and optional courses depending on the specialty chosen.

Up to two optional courses can also be taken, among “languages and cultures of Antiquity (Latin, Greek)”, “language 3”, “arts”, “sport”.


DELF Junior: this exam takes place in June at La Salle Saint Bernard junior high school.
Only available for students taking a full academic year from September.

French Baccalaureate: the students have to book both the 2nd and 3rd year of high school with us in order to register the baccalaureate


The students are accommodated on a full board basis and can choose between this 2 options:

Option n°1: Boarding school from Monday to Thursday + host family Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

Option n°2: Host Family from Monday to Sunday.
We recommend that you arrive on the Friday before the beginning of school to get to know your host family and to get familiar with the area.

The school and the boarding school are closed on public holidays

Documents to be sent to the school for your enrollment

Before 09/04/2021 :

  • The « High School Program» enrolment form completed
  • Copy of a ID photo (passport or national identity card) valid until the end of your stay in France
  • 4 identity photos
  • 3 transcripts delivered by your junior/high school
  • Minor or major of your choice (if applicable): literature or economics
  • Certificate of your insurance that proves that you are covered for medical expenses during your entire stay in France*
  • Certificate from your doctor that states that you can practice sports
  • Parental discharge and medical form completed

* It is mandatory for you to be covered by your own medical insurance during your stay in France. If you prefer to subscribe to an insurance in France, France Langue advise you to contact its partner AVI INTERNATIONAL.


 Classes endBack to school
Back to school 01/09/2021
Half-term break16/10/202102/11/2021
Christmas break18/12/202103/01/2022
Winter break12/02/202228/02/2022
Spring break09/04/202225/04/2022
Assumption break26/05/202230/05/2022
End of school year02/07/2022 


It is possible to stay in your host family during public holidays (according to availability) when the boarding school is closed – A supplement of 330€/week will be charged.



Registration deadline

Junior High school 11-15 yo – 1 term (september to december)5 895 €
Junior High school 11-15 yo – 1 academic year14 335 €
High school 15-18 yo – 1 term5 895 €
High school 15-18 yo – 1 semester10 610 €
High school 15-18 yo – 1 academic year
14 335 €


Included: tuition fees – full board accommodation (boarding school/host family) – Online workshops in FLonline on Wednesdays afternoon (6 lessons)– return transfers from/to Biarritz airport or train station – monthly meeting at France Langue school.

Not included: Course materials (125€/year) – subscription to the parents’ association (20€/year) – For students who require a visa: +150€ for the original documents to be sent by Fedex.

un servizio
di supporto

Il nostro team di insegnanti ti aspettano nelle nostre scuole

I loro ruoli? Supportare gli studenti durante tutto il corso.

Il coaching e il mentoring sono il centro del nostro metodo di insegnamento, creando situazioni adatte per apprendere e utilizzare i concetti appresi durante la tua FLEsperienza.

Le lezioni e le attività sono disponibili sulla tua piattaforma FLOnline, goditi l’esperienza completa della nostra scuola virtuale e incontra virtualmente la rete di FLAlumni.

  • Lezioni di Francese Generale : guidati dal tuo insegnante imparerai la lingua.
  • Classi oltre le mura : coordinato dal coach accademico, ti porterà fuori dall’aula a mettere in pratica le abilità apprese in classe.
  • Sessioni di mentoring : il tuo coach si concentrerà sui tuoi punti deboli per renderli il tuo punto di forza.
  • Manager del benessere degli studenti: il loro unico obiettivo è la tua felicità e il tuo successo durante la tua esperienza.



  1. A complete immersion in a French school.
  2. A learning pace tailored to your needs.
  3. Individualised educational follow-up to guarantee the best progression.
  4. Insegnanti diplomati dell’università e formati all’insegnamento del francese lingua straniera.
  5. Una scuola virtuale basata su Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Adattata alla nuova realtà e alle nuove tecnologie, il nostro metodo di insegnamento include lezioni di insegnamento, laboratori specializzati, incontri virtuali e visite.

Il parere dei nostri studenti
di France Langue



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