Au pair

Corso con date di inizio fisse
Groupe d'étudiants
da 14 a 18 studenti
per gruppo
varie attività culturali
1 leçon = 45 min
Livelli da A1 a C1
Corsi a scuola
e online

Come and discover the French way of life while becoming an Au pair in France. You will experience the French culture; meet many people, make friends, visit France and over all, become part of the family whom you will be staying with!

au pair

France Langue offers general French classes specially designed for au pair students. They divided in three trimesters per year (from September to June).
The hours are planned specifically to fit the schedule of the au pairs, no classes on Wednesday or during public school breaks.

These classes consist of 6 or 8 lessons of 45 minutes per week, depending on the school of your choosing. These flexible hours are specifically adapted to the au pair lifestyle and will allow you to fulfil your professional duties while keeping some free time for yourself and to fully experience your life in France. Personal implication and autonomy are required for these programmes since a lot of the learning has to be done through homework.

The goal of the au pair courses is your long-term progress, they offer a real personalized monitoring throughout the trimester(s). It is a programme of three months minimum in which you will study gradually in a closed group composed of 12 to 18 students.


To note

In order to succeed in your studies, personal work is expected (approximately 4 hours per week). In addition if you wish to receive a certificate of end of session delivered by France Langue mentioning the number of hours of lessons followed and the level reached, we will ask you for a regular presence and a strong participation in class.

au pair course
in paris

In Paris, the au pair programme includes 6 general French lessons (half at school and half online) + 2 optional lessons.

6 lessons of general French to:

• Enhance your communication skills
• Improve your cultural knowledge
• Prepare for French exams

2 additional lessons for (to choose):

• deepen your knowledge of French
• discover the cultural aspects of France
• practice the exams

au pair course
in Nice, Bordeaux and Biarritz

In Nice, Bordeaux et Biarritz, the au pair programme 8 compulsory general French lessons to :

• Enhance your communication skills
• Improve your cultural knowledge
• Prepare for French exams

You may be required to buy pedagogical material (books). Prices vary according to your level.

au pair course
100% online

This 100% Online programme is opened to all students (au pair or not) willing to study French for only a few hours a week.

In the standard course (4h30 per week), you will approach all the skills useful for good communication in French: oral and written comprehension, oral and written productions, without forgetting the grammar and lexicon points.

We offer 3 time slots (Paris hours) :10am- 12.15pm / 1pm – 3.15pm / 4pm – 6.15pm

The + of France Langue

France Langue offers you linguistic and cultural services in addition to your program:

  • Regular assessment and final evaluation at the end of the term
  • Tutoring and pedagogical support
  • TCF exam at preferential price
  • Possibility to register for a language reinforcement or exam preparation workshop (2 lessons / week)

And also

  • thematic meetings and online cultural visits
  • a wide range of activities: tastings, evenings, weekend excursions, etc.



Have a look on our brochures to know the dates of each term.

Registration fee45 €
1st term (11 weeks)380 €
2nd term (10 weeks)345 €
3rd term (10 weeks)295 €
1/2 term200 €


Download our full brochure here

Registration fee40 €
1st term (11 weeks)410 €
2nd term (10 weeks)360 €
3rd term (10 weeks)330 €
Weekly fare45 €
Annual fare990 €


Download our full brochure here

Registration fee40 €
1st term (11 weeks)410 €
2nd term (10 weeks)360 €
3rd term (10 weeks)330 €
Weekly fare45 €
Annual fare990 €


Download our full brochure here

Registration fee40 €
1st term (10 weeks)410 €
2nd term (11 weeks)360 €
3rd term (11 weeks)330 €
Weekly fare45 €
Annual fare990 €


Dowload our full brochure here

Registration fee25 €
6 lessons39€ / week
+ 1 month of membership to FrantastiqueFree

un servizio
di supporto

I nostri team di insegnanti di insegnanti ti aspettano nelle nostre scuole

I loro ruoli? Supportare gli studenti durante tutto il corso.

Il coaching e il mentoring sono il centro del nostro metodo di insegnamento, creando situazioni adatte per apprendere e utilizzare i concetti appresi durante la tua FLEsperienza.

Le lezioni e le attività sono disponibili sulla tua piattaforma FLOnline, goditi l’esperienza completa della nostra scuola virtuale e incontra virtualmente la rete di FLAlumni.

  • Lezioni di Francese Generale : guidati dal tuo insegnante imparerai la lingua.
  • Classi oltre le mura : coordinato dal coach accademico, ti porterà fuori dall’aula a mettere in pratica le abilità apprese in classe.
  • Sessioni di mentoring : il tuo coach si concentrerà sui tuoi punti deboli per renderli il tuo punto di forza.
  • Manager del benessere degli studenti: il loro unico obiettivo è la tua felicità e il tuo successo durante la tua esperienza.

france langue selling points



The au pair programme is:

  1. Light courses in an adaptable schedule to fit the professional duties of au pairs,
  2. Closed classes with all au pair students offering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and a closer contact with the teachers and the other students,
  3. A real personalised long-term monitoring to offer you the best chances of succeeding,
  4. General French lessons where students work and practice all aspects of the language, speaking, listening, reading, writing, communication, vocabulary, grammar, culture…
  5. An introduction into the world of the French university with activities presenting the French university.

Our specific pedagogy
for au pair

Our objectives


How are French classes composed?

The students wishing to register for an au pair course in France Langue School will start with two tests, a written test online followed by a speaking test upon your arrival at the school with France Langue’s teaching staff. This will allow the school to place you in the class best corresponding to your level. The classes are generally closed groups allowing you to develop a feeling of camaraderie and mutual support with your classmates throughout the trimester. It is not rare to see beautiful friendships begin within the walls of France Langue! The au pair classes are usually composed exclusively of au pair students working with French families, providing you with the opportunity to get to know people who share the same adventure, the same goals and needs as you.

Our innovative methodology

Cooperative Language Learning is based on the practice of the language in real-life situations, using many different classroom environments. (In the classroom, outside of the class, on the FL Online platform, on the Mooc offered by FL).
The use of all the teaching technologies and methodologies available creates a complete experience with a full support for the learner.