Francese & Multisports

1 leçon = 45 min
1 lezione = 45 minuti
Groupe d'étudiants
12 studenti per gruppo
Dal livello A2
Lezioni a scuola
Varie attività all'aperto

Questo programma, accessibile a tutti, permette agli studenti di scoprire e praticare diversi sport acquatici, come il windsurf, le immersioni o lo sci d’acqua! Principianti o esperti, possiamo offrire agli studenti il ​​corso adatto al loro livello. Emozioni e cambio di scenario garantiti!

French & multisports

Martinique is a Caribbean island that is part of the French Lesser Antilles. Famous for its sandy beaches with looming coconut palms, it is a unique and ideal place to learn French, in the sun with both feet in the turquoise water.

The school France Langue is located a few meters away from the beach of Anse Mitan, the ideal location to discover all the water activities that offers the island.

Sport sessions


The students can choose among 6 water sports, according to availabilities:


3h sea trip + introductory scuba-diving (20 minutes under water) for beginners or an exploration scuba-diving for experienced divers.


Equipped like a super hero, thrills guaranteed as you control your water jet-pack! It will take about 2 to 20 minutes to get away from the ocean.
20-minutes session with an instructor.


15-minute session on a glassy lake specially dedicated to wakeboarding. The instructors will equip you and after briefing, it’s 15 minutes of pure skiing! The boat equipped for the activity allows a fun and friendly learning experience. It’s an intense sport but accessible to all.

France Langue garantees

  • A wide choice of varied sports
  • Fully qualified and experienced instructors
  • Small group activities where everyone’s pace of progress is respected
  • Equipment provided
  • The sessions are held in French or in English and are adapted to the level of participants

French lessons – 20 lessons per week

Classes take place in the morning, Monday to Friday. A schedule will be given to you on Monday morning during the welcome meeting.

At the end of an oral level test, conducted on Monday morning at 9:30am you will be placed in one of our classes according to your oral and written level (online test).

France Langue Martinique guarantees the opening of the program regardless of the number of students enrolled. This flexibility is made possible thanks to the introduction of multi-level classes. Our teachers are specifically trained to help you progress in French in the same class, regardless of their level of departure.

This particularity of the school implies:

– an autonomy of your learning
– interaction with all students
– no manual to buy

To complete the learning, a pedagogical outing will be offered every week, outside of your classes. This visit will be an opportunity for you to practice your French outside of the classroom. Accompanied by your teacher, you will discover the specificities of the Caribbean life (leaf weaving, music or local cuisine, visit of Fort-De-France or Schœlcher library or go back in time to the museum of Slavery).



The France Langue Martinique school is currently closed to the public.

Prices on demand

un servizio
di supporto

I nostri team di insegnanti ti aspettano nelle nostre scuole

I loro ruoli? Supportare gli studenti durante tutto il corso.

Il coaching e il mentoring sono il centro del nostro metodo di insegnamento, creando situazioni adatte per apprendere e utilizzare i concetti appresi durante la tua FLEsperienza.

Le lezioni e le attività sono disponibili sulla tua piattaforma FLOnline, goditi l’esperienza completa della nostra scuola virtuale e incontra virtualmente la rete di FLAlumni.

  • Lezioni di Francese Generale : guidati dal tuo insegnante imparerai la lingua.
  • Classi oltre le mura : coordinato dal coach accademico, ti porterà fuori dall’aula a mettere in pratica le abilità apprese in classe.
  • Sessioni di mentoring : il tuo coach si concentrerà sui tuoi punti deboli per renderli il tuo punto di forza.
  • Manager del benessere degli studenti: il loro unico obiettivo è la tua felicità e il tuo successo durante la tua esperienza.




  1. French lessons on a heavenly place
  2. A learning pace adapted to your needs
  3. Courses starting every Monday, all year round and for the duration of your choice
  4. Group lessons limited to a maximum of 12 people to allow each person more speaking time and promote conversation and exchanges.
  5. Individualized educational follow-up to guarantee better progress.
  6. An end-of-session certificate issued by France Langue mentioning the number of hours of lessons taken and the level reached.
  7. Qualified, experienced, native French teachers
  8. Una scuola virtuale basata su Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Adattata alla nuova realtà e alle nuove tecnologie, il nostro metodo di insegnamento include lezioni di insegnamento, laboratori specializzati, incontri virtuali e visite.


our objectives

As in all our France Langue schools, the main goal of the program is to develop the 4 fundamental linguistic skills of French that are written and oral expression and comprehension. As everywhere else, the focus is on oral communication to allow you to be comfortable, everyday, in your experience of life in the French.

The main objective of our “actional” and communicative pedagogy is above all to make you “operational” in a Francophone environment. Perfect mastery of the grammatical and lexical structures of the French language is no longer an objective, we always favor the transmission and understanding of a clear and coherent message in a given situation.

In our small school where the mix of levels of students is taken into account, the dynamics and mutual help that teachers put forward will be a motivating factor for your French learning. In class we work with a variety of media such as role play, group work or peer work to create an atmosphere of trust and interaction that is conducive to communication.

In addition, we practice the “opening class” by bringing together all the students of the school in one classfrom for linguistic activities or school projects. Finally a whole school gathering is done once a week for pedagogical outings.


L‘Apprendimento Cooperativo della Lingua si basa sulla pratica della lingua in situazioni di vita reale, utilizzando molti diversi ambienti di classe. (In aula, fuori classe, sulla piattaforma FL Online, sul Mooc offerto da FL).
L’uso di tutte le tecnologie e metodologie di insegnamento disponibili crea un’esperienza completa con un pieno supporto per lo studente.